A Greener Future

At Print Perfect, we know that our exceptional representation of your business is of paramount importance.

What we also recognise is that our environment is of supreme importance. But all too often, ecological awareness is at the compromise of quality.

Using the finest products, including organic, soy-based inks and recycled stock, with some of the best machinery the industry has to offer and maintaining a carbon-friendly facility, we preserve the very highest levels of print quality without detriment to the planet.

We recommend paper stock accredited with the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification. The FSC seal approval is only given to ecologically and ethically sound timber producers who have to comply with a strict criteria. Timber must not be genetically modified, be pesticide-free, must not impact on indigenous people in the region and must not be harvested from natural forests or habitat. The FSC continually revises its policies and inspects certificate holders annually to ensure these criteria are being adhered to.

Many inks used within the industry are high in heavy metals, both harmful to staff and the environment. Soy-based inks are entirely biodegradable and, being plant-based, are significantly safer than their chemical-based counterparts.

Despite the differences in ingredients, soy-based inks are in no way inferior, allowing extremely high quality, radiant printing on a wide range of surfaces.

In every way possible, we aim to reduce or, in many circumstances, entirely negate our impact upon the environment, making Print Perfect not only the ideal choice for a superior finish, but also the only choice for the world and for your conscience.
Low emissions, drastic reduction in waste and toxins and significant diminution of landfill impact, ours is an almost entirely green facility, affording you peace of mind for your business, your documents and your world.

Waterless Computer-to-Plate Printing

- No more running water
- No more chemicals

Soy-based Inks

- Organic inks
- No hazardous waste
- Breaks down in landfill

Recycled Rags

- No more stacking landfills
- All water used is recycled Recycled Stock

Recycled Paper

- FSC certified Paper
- ISO 14001 Paper sourced from
  sustainable forests
- EMAS manufactured Paper the
  superior environmental standard

- More consumer waste products
- No more stacking landfill
- No more deforestation
- Peace of mind printing

Citrus based Solvents

- Enviro-friendly chemicals
- Friendly to staff and environment
- No more harsh chemicals